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When the work is weary, and you think life can be better, uplift your mood and with a STYLISH CUT from our professionals!
Service Price in INR
Shampoo and Conditioning 170/- 170/- 270/-
Haircut with Shampoo and Conditioning 670/- Onwards
Hair Trimming (One Lenght Cut) 170/- Onwards
Blowdry –Straight 120/- 170 /- 270/-
Blow Dry – In/Out Curls 220/- 240/- 270/-
Ironing 370/- 470/- 570/-
Velcro roller set (Volumizer) 420/- 470/- 520/-
Smoothening 3070/- 4070/- 6070/-
Re-bonding 4570/- Onwards
Perming 2970/- 4970/- 6070/-
Take some of the grey out to maintain your natural hair color or make a bigger change. We’ll give you the look you want
Service Price in INR
Global Highlights 1470/- 1770/- 2170/-
Global Hair Color 1670/- 1970/- 2170/-
Inoa Global Hair Color 1670/- 1970/- 2170/-
Root Touch up (Upto 1 Inch) 570/- Onwards
Inoa Touch Up (Upto 1 Inch) 770/- Onwards
Crown Streaks 970/-
Single Streaks 170/-
Inoa Extra Tube 170/-
A Traditional Balinese scalp and head massage that really does the job of relieving mental stress and headaches . your mind will drift away to your own personal island of tranquillity….
Service Price in INR
Hair Cream Bath - Anti Dandruff 970/- 1070/- 1170/-
Hair Cream Bath - Anti Hair Fall 970/- 1070/- 1170/-
To flaunt beautiful hands and legs….
Service Price in INR
Full Body Waxing 1270/-
Stomach Waxing 370/-
Arm Waxing 170/-
Underarm Waxing 70/-
Leg Waxing(Half) 170/-
Leg Waxing(Full) 370/-
Full Arms and Legs 570/-
Upper Lip Waxing 50/-
Chin Waxing 50/-
Midriff/Chest Waxing 470/-
Full Back Waxing 470/-
Bikini Waxing 470/-
Service Price in INR
Eyebrow 35/-
UPPER Lip 25/-
Lower Lip 25/-
Chin 30/-
Sides 60/-
Forehead 40/-
Full Face 170/-
Neck 70/-
Liberate your skin from all the modern day stress by entering into the world of unique facial treatments designed by Estee Clair with first grade natural that will reveal a fresh and youthful skin
Service Price in INR
Radiance 1470/-
Acne 1470/-
Lightening 1470/-
Anti Ageing 1470/-
Service Price in INR
Hands say a lot about a woman. A manicure combined with a soothing spa ritual adds the finishing touch to a well groomed woman!
Aromatic Spa Manicure 370/-
Your feet carry the entire burden of your life so to speak , so reward them with a warm soak, scrub and a relaxing foot massage.
Aromatic Spa Pedicure 470/-
Be it a day that you dreamt of since you were a lil , girl or finest day day of your life or even a wild night of partying with friends, Estee Clair helps you get noticied and puts you under the spot light! go! get'em
Service Price in INR
Bridal Trial Makeup 970/-
Bridal Makeup 5000/- Onwards
Simple Eye Makeup 250/-
Smokey Eyes 570/-
Corporate Day Makeup 2500/-
Party Makeup 3700/-

Note :- Bridal Makeup includes Saree Draping and hair do's

The rich hues from the henna has graced hands and feet of women from time immemorial, decorate your hands with coloureful and intricate designs
Service Price in INR
Arabic Design 420/- 670/- 770/-
Indo Arabic 670/- 770/- 970/-
Indian 670/- 770/- 970/- 1570/-
Black Mehandi As Per Design
Glitter Mehandi(Gems and Stones Extra) 670 Onwards
Temporary Tattoo 270/- 370/- 470/-
Service Price in INR
Intricate designs for the bride who feels simplicity is best. This Package includes Mehandi on both sides of the hands 2inches after the wrist and feet 3700/-
Intricate art work creating contemporary or traditional designs on both sides of the hands 5inches below the elbow and the feet 5070/-
The Royal Bridal package with detailed Mehandi emtirely covering the palms extending to the elbows. It includes arm bands and part of the back. This package includes glitter to match your outfit 10700/-

Note: All bridal packages include glitter Mehandi (optional*).
Gems can also be included within the package at an extra cost.
Bridal Mehandi will take approx. 2-3 hrs to complete, sometimes longer depending upon how intricate the design is.
It is advised that the Mehandi should be applied a maximum of two days and a minimum of one day before the wedding to ensure that the Mehandi is at its richest colour. It also depends upon body temperature of the person receiving the Mehandi and waxing should be done a day before Mehandi application

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