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To be simple is to spread comfort around you. Simplicity need not necessarily have to do with less. It does not necessarily mean living an austere life. Simplicity in thought, action can lead to use of less energy for optimum results. Paucity and economy of movement in mind and body leads to focus and balance in everyday life.


To spread cheer and happiness one has to be cheerful at all times. To bring a smile to the customer, is a reason enough to be cheerful. So is the fact that we are lucky to be doing whatever we are doing, lucky to be wherever we are. We are lucky to have the ability and the opportunity to serve others.


To be positive is to live without fear. No one knows what tomorrow can bring and nothing is to be gained by worrying about the past. All that matters is to be great today and give all your attention, to what you do now. Being positive, is certain to give to you the tomorrow that you desire.


Is to be neutral and clear. Like water, where every ingredient that mixes with it brings out its own colour. Does water have colour, taste and place? You can be like water. Let everything flow through you instead of around.


To be humble is to kiss the ground beneath your feet. It is much better than kissing someone’s behind. Never forget where those feet have been. Don’t let your past be a burden. Remember those feet can go wherever you want it to. Look down and be grateful.


Is to understand. To pause, to see where the other is standing, wear his shoes and take it in. Absorb all and everything. In the end, both should stand tall.


Association is growth. A seed in association with the soil grows into a tree. Growth is fructification of what you really are. To find your calling, look for associations.


We are born to be free. To unleash our special self on this world. Unfortunately we give away the freedom too many times. Freedom and responsibility are two side of the same coin. You are never free without responsibility and never responsible without freedom.

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