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Beauty Rituals

Academy Beauty Rituals
Foot & Hand Beauty ritual 24 Hours Manicure Procedures Pedicure Procedures Fresher 9,700/- Certificate of Proficiency in Foot & Hand Beauty Ritual
Facial Beauty Ritual   30 Hours Radiance & Anti Ageing Facial Whitening Facial Ritual Anti Acne Facial Ritual Fresher 14,700/- Certificate of Proficiency in Facial Beauty Ritual
Body  and Hair Beauty Ritual 30 Hours Whitening Body Ritual Relaxing Ritual Energizing Ritual Hair Ritual Fresher 14,700/- Certificate of Proficiency Beauty & Hair Ritual
Complete Beauty Ritual 100 Hours Foot & Hand Radiance Facial Ritual Whitening Facial Ritual Anti Acne Facial Ritual Whitening Body Ritual Relaxing Body Ritual Energizing Body Ritual Hair Ritual Fresher 29,700/- DIPLOMA in Complete Beauty Ritual

Beauty Rituals:

A. FACIALS: A proper skin care regimen and regular treatment is essential to a radiant looking skin. At ESTEE CLAIR ACADEMY FOR ESTHETICS AND REJUVENATION, we are proud to offer natural whitening, radiance and anti acne rituals using systems and therapies derived from plant extracts. Our entire aesthetic product line is based on the science of nature and skin's own healing abilities. We teach on how to rejuvenate skin and create a smoother, more radiant, youthful complexion. We also teach you to set and realize skin care goals. Each person's skin has a unique set of needs and requirements. This is why we begin with a complexion analysis, followed by a tailored skin care program that includes deep cleanse, exfoliation and medical extractions. ( product link)

B. MANICURE AND PEDICURE: This course is designed to enable candidates to offer a professional manicure and/or pedicure service to the public. Manicures in particular have always featured as a popular service in both beauty and hairdressing salons. At ESTEE CLAIR ACADEMY FOR ESTHETICS AND REJUVNATION we not only aim at teaching basic nail techniques but also other pampering services that will earn the students extra income and more clients. ( product link)

C. BODY TREATMENTS: BODY TREATMENT is a non-medical procedure to augment the health of the body. Body treatment is essentially considered as nurture for your body, mind and spirit in these stressful times. Body treatment is for the whole body as the facial is for the face. Body treatment purifies, exfoliates, and hydrates. Body treatment also eliminates unwanted toxins leaving the whole system in harmony.

At Estee Clair Academy for Esthetics and Rejuvenation, we help you become professional therapists proficient in body treatments. We offer therapies on natural Whitening, Relaxation, Energising and Hair Cream bath to cover the entire gamut of popular requirement. This UNIQUE combination of all the courses will help students become complete Professional beauty therapists who will be most sought after by salons and spas across the country. (Product link)

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