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About Us

We are an aesthetic and wellness service provider. Any individual, small or medium enterprise in the field of beauty and wellness seeking to better their performance, improve their efficiencies or seeking to educate themselves on the latest in technology and science can collaborate with us.

The beauty canvas in our country is surprisingly broad, providing jobs and career to any aspiring individual with talent. Millions of beauty professionals across the smallest of towns and biggest of cities in India toil hard to provide the best in their class service for their customers every day. Small Enterprises (SME's) are forcefully continuing their growth and today competing with big home-grown and overseas brands both in the stratagem and organizational efficiency. The driving force behind these enterprises, whether it is an entrepreneurial firm, a small business, a family business, a home-based business, or a new business, is the entrepreneur who is designing the business with the intent of creating a bigger or global organization. What is more interesting is that not does India have more small business owners than the US, but that India also has more growth-oriented business founders who are young and aggressive, and from both genders. Consumer Service and Retail Based Business concepts are topping the list of new start-ups and leading Indian self-employment gateway, both as franchised and self start-up ventures. The patrons in turn are loyal but at the same time look forward to better results with each passing visit.

The question is do these professionals upgrade their skills constantly? Do some of them really understand the science of skin, hair, body and health? Are they able to use the best in class treatments, world class products, and better technologies? Are the salon, spa owners in a position to improve their environment in terms of space design and aesthetics to make their customers happy? Perhaps not! In many cases their dream of serving their customers the way they would like to, is not fulfilled for the lack of access or information. Right products, correct procedures, timely training and the science and art of wellness retailing is what we bring to the you! Estee Clair Academy for Esthetics and Rejuvenation is a single window through which anyone in the field of beauty, grooming, rejuvenation and fitness can look forward to transforming a home or small business to a professionally managed enterprise. We help you do what you want to do! We let the smaller professionals compete and rub shoulders with the best and the bigger ones in the business to become even better.

Estee Clair Retail is an accumulation of our insights and experiences of beauty and wellness retail into models which suit many locations and temperament . The estee clair spa,salon and studio gives the consumer an authentic wellness experience ,best in class professional make up and beauty treatments using first grade natural products in a simple yet elegant setting at great prices . The M lounge is a space for the male to indulge , enjoy and educate themselves on the best available services in men's grooming .The estee clair store is a place to buy genuine professional products that deliver results to the discerning consumer . These retail concepts are on the ground , profitable and therefore scalable with a huge potential for wealth and employment generation.

We have with us the expertise, the smarts and the motivation to serve the smallest and the tallest in the field of beauty and wellness. To all of us at Estee Clair Esthetique Solutions , this is not a company but a movement, not a career but a passion.

We are, Here to serve!

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